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Why are PV Plant Owners scrapping Their Existing SCADA ? [PART 2]

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Now that the Solar PV Plant Owners have recognized the need for a monitoring system that can keep track of the generation, that can monitor the string current and identify low performing blocks – they are trying to login into the SCADA portal.

Unfortunately,they find themselves in one of the situations:

Situation #1: Login fails because they have not renewed the AMC which means SCADA license has expired.

They reach out to the world’s best SCADA supplier who installed the system in their plant. Usually the quote they receive in Euros or USD is extremely high!

Very high AMC charges is the No. 1 reason why the PV plant owners are looking for an alternate Remote Monitoring / SCADA solution in India that can replace their existing SCADA.

Situation #2: They are able to login to the SCADA system at site and see the data, but unable to access the system remotely. Which means only Local SCADA is functional.

The developer/OMS team try to reach out to the vendor, but seldom they get the right solution.The reason being – most of these SCADA systems are PLC based and is designed for local monitoring only. The only solution could be to configure a static IP and access the desktop/PC remotely.

Monitoring the PV Plant remotely has numerous benefits. With Avisolar’s OMS experience of over 800 MW, we have seen that Inverter tripping, String failures, temperature overshoots are very common events, especially start of monsoons and during peak summer. Most of the PV plants do not have dedicated engineers monitoring the SCADA system. Hence it is very likely that OMS team misses certain critical events. If you can enable remote monitoring function,one can assign a second level of monitoring at HQ or any place which has internet connectivity.

Reason #2: Customers have realized the need for “remote access” of Plant data, which is not available/ cumbersome to implement / expensive in traditional PLC based SCADA systems.

[ To Be Continued…]

EagleSun SCADA is a IoT based remote monitoring platform for your PV plant. It’s extremely low cost and has replaced several MWs of SCADA systems.

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