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Provide IoT based AI & ML driven digital & SCADA products

1. How does Enerman contribute to improving the efficiency and performance of solar PV plants, and what impact does this have on sustainability?

Ashok: EnerMAN IoT SCADA product ETi-SOL, monitors the performance of key equipment 24/7 with sampling frequency of 1 minute and notify the alerts / alarm on breakdown of equipment in few seconds. This will help Engineers/Technicians to attend the breakdown to reduce the loss of generation. EnerMAN provides analysis on Inverter ranking and Inverter downtime loss, This will help Engineers / Technicians to take corrective action to improve the performance of low performing Inverters and take preventive action to reduce the down time of Inverters. EnerMAN products will help in improving the efficiency / generation by more than 2%. Our products is deployed over 1.6GWp Solar plants which will directly contribute in generating more than 2% i.e 45 million units out of 2.25 billion units (18 MT of Co2 reduction or equivalent to nurturing 7.1 lakhs mature trees).

2 What are the key challenges currently faced by solar PV plant operators in India, and how does Enerman address these challenges?

Ashok: Reliable, affordable, end-to-end , easy to use, SCADA solution providers (quick supply and support service ) to fulfil all regulatory compliance and remote monitor the performance of the Solar Assets is big challenge in India and in the world. EnerMAN trying to address these challenges.

3. Can you discuss the integration of AI and ML technologies in your products and how they enhance the performance of solar PV plants?

Ashok: EnerMAN IoT SCADA product ETi-SOL, monitors and analyses the performance of Inverters using AI and ML. The Analysis report with ranking of the Inverter performance based on various KPIs. This will help Asset Owners / O&M site Engineers/Technicians to initiate the comprehensive maintenance work to improve the low ranked Inverter performance, which will enhance the performance of Solar PV plants. EnerMAN provide analysis of Equipment downtime, keep track of equipment downtime throughout it’s life time, which will help Asset Owners / O&M team to take timely preventive and corrective action reduce the downtime , which will enhance the performance of Solar PV plants

4. What trends and innovations do you anticipate shaping the future of the renewable energy industry, and how is Enerman preparing for them?

Ashok: Maturity and affordability in Energy storage technologies, EV, Green-hydrogen in coming years will increase the demand for Renewable energy in multi-fold. EnerMAN is planning to build many innovative products manage energy efficiently and support emerging technologies/eco-system.

5. What is the long-term vision for Enerman in terms of global expansion and growth in India?

Ashok: EnerMAN aims to provide End-to-End innovate products manage renewable energy to decarbonise the world and achieve the net zero goal. Made in India products (hardware, firmware and software) to global market at affordable price.

6. How do you see the role of government policies and regulations influencing the adoption of renewable energy and IoT technologies?

Ashok: Increase in the generation of renewable energy, which is highly variable in nature poses big challenges to scheduling of energy for distribution companies. Hence government polices mandates accurate forecasting and stable supply of renewable energy injection to the grid with localised control of renewable energy generation at each plant.

EnerMAN provides IoT products like Energy forecasting (ETi-CAST), Power Plant Controller (ETi-PPC), Zero Export System (ETi-ZES), Live generation data sharing with State Load Dispatch Centres (ETi-SLDC) to fulfil the regulatory compliance.

7. Can you share your perspective on the broader impact of Enerman's work on combating climate change and promoting a greener future?

Ashok: Massive growth of Solar PV installation across the world faces big challenge of quality and skilled manpower available to manage the performance of Solar PV assets, Solar PV installation is distributed by nature, hence it is humanly impossible to manually monitor the functioning of all key equipment and assess the performance of each equipment to its expected /designed/ desired level.

EnerMAN products automates the Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting of the performance of key equipment on defined KPIs. This simplifies Solar PV asset owners / developers / EPC companies / O&M service provider in managing the increasing number / size of Solar PV assets using less man power, low cost and with higher efficiently.

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