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Monthly Newsletter - October 2023

Business update We had a great time at 17th Renewable Energy India Expo, took place at Greater Noida, New Delhi, from October 4 to 6, 2023. We are overwhelmed by higher number of visitors, genuine enquiries, and positive response from customers; better than pre-covid days.

This event strengthened our pipeline and boosted our confidence to achieve 100% growth in Q3 & Q4 as well. After 4 years of sluggish growth, we have doubled revenue in H1 (Q1+Q2). We have successfully installed our product for leading Australian C&I customer without disturbing their existing setup, data pulled to our ETi-SOL platform through API.


We have developed ETi-Lite, a simpler version of ETi-SOL with basic features for residential customers at affordable price. This product will help residential and small size C&I customers to monitor their Solar PV Rooftops performance.

Tech update

"High Availability" is the new capability added to ETi-Edge, ETi-PPC, ETi-SLDC. Now we can deploy a solution with active and standby servers to avoid downtime. This is achieved through synchronization & heartbeat mechanisms to enable auto switch between servers with no loss of data.

We have added SCADA communication architecture live dashboard, this will help all stakeholders in understanding SCADA architecture better and identify the failures quickly, similar to power plant SLD.

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