Team EnerMAN has hands on experience building & operating several MWs of Solar PV Plants. They brought all thier experience into one platform that creates Value to the customer in terms of saving energy, reducing opex and improving plant performance. Their business technology leadership has seen them innovate and lead ahead-of-the-curve solutions in the Solar Energy space for more than a decade, now. 

Why CHOOSE us?


Operational Excellence: Provides insights to Solar Power owners to enhance the performance of single/distributed solar assets

Real-time Integrated Data: Integrates real-time performance data in a single dashboard to enhance efficacy and decision-planning

SAM: Data on the entire lifecycle of Solar Asset management from performance, degradation, defect monitoring and management, equipment tracking and more 

Provides crucial information in optimizing energy assets, on-the-go!

Vision & Mission



  • EnerMAN is the most RELIABLE and VALUE-GENERATING route to efficient Solar PV PLANT Management Systems, globally.

  • EnerMAN provides on-the-go, cutting-edge insights on your Solar PV Assets, empowering you to save time, costs, and power.

  • EnerMAN believes that every UNIT of ENERGY saved is power conserved and ENERGY earned. The solutions create value for all Solar Generators by saving power, while also enabling them to be cost-effective, save high operational expenditure and increase profitability.


Global  GREEN  Vision

EnerMAN believes, supports and endorses the global vision of sustainability, a safe and green environment.

With its advanced technology and domain expertise, it provides valuable insights which help you -

  • Save Energy

  • Generate Power more efficiently

  • Reduce the overall carbon footprints

  • Save our Planet