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Remote Monitoring of PV Plant reduce field expenses

Remote Monitoring of PV Plant reduce field expenses

As theoretical, Solar PV plant is the energy sector where you no need to pay attention on the operations hence it doesn’t have any mechanical operations. But operation and maintenance (O&M) of a solar plant is the most important function after plant commissioning to achieve the yield. O&M service provider is responsible for prevention of faults and rectification of failures at the solar plant.

It also ensures that all maintenance issues are detected, reported and resolved with minimal disruption to plant operations and ensures high plant availability reduce downtime. An important aspect to achieve high plant up time is by regular monitoring and checking health of equipments. Typical O&M team needs to perform physical checking for panels, strings, combiner boxes and inverters at plant to ensure that there are no faults, failures, that may result in production loss.

This can be an expensive and time consuming activity. And hence the Operations & Maintenance team may not perform their routine activities daily, which leads to generation loss and ultimately financial loss.

EagleSun SCADA – An IoT Based remote monitoring system will reduce time allocated to routine maintenance, rectification of faults quickly and thus reduce labor costs involved in field visits.
Getting the best from Monitoring for Operations & Maintenance.

The complete physical checking of the plants can be once in a month or two months by Deploying EagleSun SCADA - A remote monitoring system.

The O&M team can remotely monitor the performance of each equipment used in the plant and deploy personnel only when a fault or failure is detected. Remote/Local Monitoring makes all maintenance visits more efficient by performing root cause analysis of the problem and providing the technicians with the best approach to solve it before arriving at the plant.Failures are, thus, restored in minimum time and without the need for any additional visits.

Research says, “To increase the yield, Operator must choose String level monitoring SCADA for their solar PV plant”.

which means that even the smallest of issues and deviations at plant are continuously evaluated and reported. It tracks the health of each equipment in the plant by continuously monitoring component parameters. As a result, the

need for physical checking at the plant is greatly reduced.

After deploying EagleSun SCADA – An IoT Based remote monitoring system, the complete physical checking of the plants can be once in a month or two month’s. Which will reduce the manpower hours allotted for the plant and which finally translates to annual savings.

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