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EQ - Market, Technology and Policy Outlook 2023

1. What's your view on the Emerging Green Hydrogen Sector and Possible impact on

Scalability of Capacity Addition of RE Assets in India

Ashok – EnerMAN: Green Hydrogen will trigger huge capacity addition of Solar PV & Wind based power plants, which provides low cost and clean energy locally to produce Hydrogen. Green Hydrogen indirectly acts as storage solution to Solar PV and Wind energy.

2. How does export market out of India looks like to yourself for 2023?

Ashok – EnerMAN: EnerMAN IoT SCADA and Digital products are easy and quick to deploy anywhere in the world to monitor and improve the performance of Solar PV plants and Rooftops. We expect great opportunity to export our products to global market in 2023.

3. What is the potential in India for Zero Export Solar Plants in 2023?

Ashok – EnerMAN: Zero Export Solar Plants are wonderful scheme to increase the Solar PV capacity in India without creating additional Energy Scheduling challenges to DISCOM and helping the captive consumer to achieve net zero (emission/consumptions) goal by generating clean and green energy through cheapest source (Solar PV) within their premises. Many captive consumers are setting up the plant under this scheme, which will boost Solar PV capacity addition in coming years.

4. What Kind of Products and New Technologies you are going to launch in in this or next


Ashok – EnerMAN: EnerMAN working on many innovative features to automate the Solar PV asset management, improve the generation and reduce the breakdowns with actional plan, checklist and schedule to plant maintenance team.

5. Visible Changes in RE Industry w.r.t. Energy Storage, RTC, Hybrid RE Projects, Floating

etc and their likely impact.

Ashok – EnerMAN: Solar with Storage / RTC is gaining the momentum, and more tenders are coming with 24 hours stable or dynamic on-demand energy supply from Solar PV plants with storage. More numbers of Solar-Wind Hybrid plants are coming now, thanks to govt. policy support, which helps in using land around wind mills to build Solar PV plants and supply more stable energy to grid and reduce energy scheduling challenges. In coming years Floating Solar may be covering most of our water bodies, saving the water from evaporation, utilizing unused and freely available surface of water bodies.

6. What kind of growth do you see coming in the Residential Sector Demand

Ashok – EnerMAN: Decreasing Solar PV system cost and availability of durable & affordable energy storage solution in coming years will encourage more residential users to become energy neutral and get freedom from dependency on DISCOMs high energy charges.

7. What is your expectations from the Government, Policy Makers and Regulators

Ashok – EnerMAN: Government shall not look at making profit from RE sectors, instead encourage all stakeholders with enabling policies and schemes to adopt RE to achieve net zero goal.

8. What is your expectations from the Industry Stakeholders

Ashok – EnerMAN: Focus on building quality RE infrastructure for long term benefit to the country and avoid unrealising / unsustainable price race, which leads to self-destruction. Which were evident from past decade, many leading companies in the RE sectors becoming bankrupt after successfully raising public funds on good cause but vanishing due aggressive and unrealistic price and growth plans.

Ashok D M – Co-founder, CEO and MD EnerMAN Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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