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Leading Provider of Intelligent Energy Management Solutions to the Renewable Energy Industry

Leading Provider of Intelligent Energy Management Solutions to the Renewable

Energy Industry at Affordable Price

In simple words, almost everything around us is run by energy. A majority of the world’s

energy requirement is generated from nuclear and fossil sources, such as coal, oil, and natural gasses. However, the burning of fossil fuels comes with many adverse effects,

most importantly environmental pollution and climate change. Fossil fuels are responsible for a third of total greenhouse gas emissions around the world. The world has finally started acknowledging those adverse effects and has been gradually moving towards renewable energy sources, such as solar, water, wind power, and many others. Renewable energy sources emit little to zero greenhouse pollutants into the environment

and are estimated to meet almost 35 percent of global power generation by 2025.

Established in 2019, Enerman Technologies is a Bengaluru-based leading provider of innovative, IoT based AI & ML-driven Energy Management solutions at affordable prices

to the renewable energy Industry. Founded by a team of industry veterans with extensive hands-on experience building & operating several MW of Solar PV Plants, the firm

helps solar power owners enhance the performance of single/distributed solar assets through valuable insights. The IoT-based platform developed by Enerman can be easily

interfaced with various energy generation & consumption equipment to get real-time data that can be further analyzed for performance improvement & predictive maintenance.

Coming to the product portfolio, Enerman offers a wide range of innovative digital products, such as ETi-SOL, ETi-PPC, ETi-SLDC, ETi-EDGE, ETi-LMS, ETi-CAST, ETi-ZES,

and ETi-LOG. Also known as the ETi series, these products help you gather data from the equipment/sensor in the solar-field, process & store the data in the cloud/local server

and present you with user-friendly dashboards to monitor, control and analyze. ETi SOL is a cloud-based, IoT Solar PV Monitoring platform that helps monitor and control PV plants remotely, thus improving solar assets' performance.

The mission of Enerman Technologies is to help the renewable energy industry achieve the net zero goal by providing IoT-based AI & ML-driven products at affordable prices

ETi-LOG is an IIoT Data logger used for collecting and packetizing data from all the PV plant equipment using special algorithms before pushing it to the cloud or local server.

ETi-EDGE is a Local monitoring software that, once installed in a local server at PV Plant, can collect data from the data loggers to monitor, control, analyze, and report the solar plant performance. ETi-PPC is a power plant controller software used for controlling active power, reactive power, and power factor of inverters in both solar & hybrid power plants.

ETi-SLDC is a software solution used for data exchange between Solar PV Plants & State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC). Coming to ETi-LMS, it’s an IoT-based load management

system used for controlling the Active Power of inverters based on consumption (load) by monitoring load and source (Grid and Diesel Generator). While ETi-ZES is a Zero Export System for Solar PV C&I Rooftops/ground mounts within premises, ETi-CAST is a cloud-based Energy Generation & Forecasting tool for solar power plants.

Starting in 2019, Enerman has come a long way over the years in terms of growth and geographical expansion. Apart from India, the firm has expanded its operations in

countries, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Poland, Rwanda and Burkina Faso, while offering products to a wide client base, including BHEL, NTPC, Hinduja Renewables, Atria

Power, LNB Renewable, and many more. Deployed its products over 1,500 MW capacity in 350+ plants for 85+ customers. Coming to future roadmaps, the firm has been operating with a sole vision of providing innovative digital products to manage energy and decarbonize the world. Enerman has further plans to expand its business to South East Asia, North America, Middle-East, Australia, and Africa.

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