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IoT SCADA (ETi-SOL) for Solar PV Plants & Rooftops Monitoring, Control and Analysis.

EnerMAN Technologies IoT SCADA (ETi-SOL) for Solar PV Plants & Rooftops Monitoring, Control and Analysis.

EnerMAN is a leading provider of innovative, IoT based AI & ML driven, Energy Management solutions at affordable price to Renewable Energy Industry. EnerMAN Technologies is founded in 2019, with the vision to “Provide innovative digital products to manage energy and decarbonise the world”.

Within the short span of its inception, EnerMAN has successfully deployed ETi-SOL® IoT SCADA Monitoring, Control and Analysis solution to 1.4GW+ (1,400MW+) of Solar PV plants and Rooftops, 400+ sites, in 6 countries.

We have also installed our IoT SCADA product in some of the prestigious Govt organizations like BHEL, BEL, NTPC, HAL, MES, NFC, AIIMS & IISc in India.

We are glad to share that our Wind-Solar Hybrid PPC (Power Plant Controller) solution two Wind-Solar Hybrid plants in Karnataka and our PPC was implemented on 350MW single largest plant in Kurnool, AP.

ETi-SOL® is an end-to-end solution, made in India product to cater to global market at an affordable price. We have inhouse developed Hardware, Firmware and Software products developed by experienced team. EnerMAN is striving towards to achieve net zero goal by Providing AI & ML driven IoT based products to digitize Renewable Assets.

Our IoT SCADA success proves that there is always demand for good product, which is reliable, easy to use dashboards, useful alerts on breakdowns, and backed by quick customer service support from professional team.

EnerMAN’s ETi series products help you acquire data from the equipment/sensor in the solar PV plants / rooftops, process and store the data in the cloud/local server and present you with user friendly dashboards to monitor, control and analyse the performance.

We have developed many products listed below, which are required for digitizing Solar assets and efficient management of Solar assets with optimal performance.

ETi-SOL®: is a cloud-based software product which collects data from the field IoT devices for Monitoring, Controlling, Analysis and Reporting of Solar PV plants / rooftops. IT is also Centralized monitoring platform -Integrate multiple SCADA into single dashboard. User can monitor through mobile app, both, Android, and iOS are now available.

ETi-SOL® Edge:

For the customers who do not want to pay annual cloud server charges to view their plant data, EnerMAN has introduced ETi-SOL® Edge which is a local monitoring solution. One time investment to the system which does not require internet & cloud storage.

ETi-PPC (Plant Power Controller):

Power plant controller is a reliable and flexible solution that can control different

parameters present in Solar PV plants to achieve Utility grid requirements at POI (Point of interconnection). PPC is a combination of Software Logic and Hardware which continuously monitor the healthiness of grid and automatically acts in case of any abnormality. EnerMAN’s Power Plant Controller (ETi PPC) is a control system that can manage active power, reactive power, and power factor from Solar Inverter (Solar Plant, Solar-Wind Hybrid Plants).

Some of the ETi-PPC features are

➢ Interactive dashboard for Solar Monitoring/Control

➢ Automatic/Manual Control Operations.

➢ Operations Scheduling.

➢ Active Power/Reactive Power/Power factor Control

ETi-LOG: is an IIoT Data logger, which collects the data through RS 485 (RTU/TCP) from PV plants' end equipment and sends data to Local PC/Servers or to the cloud Servers through RS485 (RTU/TCP) or RF or Wi-Fi. We will ensure that there is no data loss through local storage in our ETi-LOG IoT datalogger during any communication issues due to internet failure at the plant.

ETi-SLDC: This software product can be installed in local PCs/Servers to collect data from the Solar PV plant’s equipment and can send important processed clean data to SLDC in a few seconds as per SLDC guidelines.

ETi-ZES: We have developed another software product, ETi-ZES, which will ensure Zero Export from Solar PV plants / Rooftops to Grid, as per DISCOM policy guidelines, to avoid penalty. This product collects the data from Solar PV plants' end-equipment and controls/limits the out-going power of Solar Inverters based on its load/consumption at factory/manufacturing unit.

ETi-LMS: Load Management System: We have developed yet another software product

An IoT Solution for DG-Sync which is a universal Solution for all Inverter brands (Supports Heterogenous Make) Controls Active Power of Inverters.


Energy Generation & Forecasting solution which is a cloud-based forecasting tool for solar power plants.

ETi-SOL® Android/iOS App: Introducing the new mobile app version of our SCADA. Now the home page in the app is similar to web version i.e. all the plants in one with with its pirority status list. The much awaited in-app alert notification feature is now up and going. Both, Android and iOS are now available.

EnerMAN has proven track record in providing solution for Remote Monitoring, Local Monitoring, and Integration with third party Scada using REST APIs or FTP server or OPC interface. We are planning to expand our products entry to more countries and increase our product deployment by 100% in 2023. For more information regarding our solutions email or login to

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