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The Portfolio Page This is the dashboard that can provide plant and portfolio level KPIs like Generation, PR, Plant Status, etc. This data is very useful for the plant owner as well as O&M Manager to know how their plants are performing on a day. The SCADA transforms generation data into carbon footprint knowledge that the owner can take pride in how he is contributing to a healthier planet.

The Plant Overview Page

This dashboard (refer to figure 1) is designed after taking inputs from many customers with a combined portfolio of 900+ MW. The technician can get complete knowledge about how his plant is operating. Some of the performance metrics are generation, insolation, peak power, total power, PR, CUF, yield etc. Many of the components on this page are customizable to the specific needs of a customer. If a key performance indicator is outside the expected range, there is a provision for the technician to share the incident knowledge to the managers at HQ by adding Bulletin messages.

Author: Ravisha D N, Sr. VP - Solar Analytics, EnerMAN Technologies

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