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Why do we use a Dongle over an on board 4G Module for our IIOT Controller ETi-LOG?

ETi-LOG's Internet Requirement

Our Powerful and efficient IIoT based data logger " ETi-LOG ", collects data from a vast range of devices in your solar power plant, formats it and sends the data to the cloud server. This real-time data is not only used for monitoring on SCADA, but also for analytics and generating plant's performance reports.

We require an established internet connection to our logger for many purposes like pushing the collected data to the cloud server, for remote firmware updates, and much more. We use a dongle or a Broadband (LAN) connection for this purpose.

However, doubts like, 'Why can't we use a 4G module which is readily available in the market?' arise. This article explains why we choose a dongle/LAN connection over a 4G GSM module.

Cost-Effective and ease of use

Any 4G module that is compatible with IoT devices, costs almost twice the cost of a dongle. A 4G module increases the size of the datalogger and makes it bulky. Dongle on the other hand has a plug and play mechanism, which makes it easy to install on-site. The SIM card can be easily replaced on a dongle, and maintenance is very minimal.

Monthly Recharge Cost

Huge solar power plants sometimes require more than one data logger to collect data, the cost of monthly internet charges increases if each logger has a GSM module and a separate sim card that needs to be recharged every month. Whereas a single dongle can provide internet to multiple loggers over Wi-Fi, thus keeping the monthly recharge cost to the minimum.

Technical challenges and testing

A 4G module has to be configured and tested for efficiency, reliability and compatibility with various network providers. Whereas a dongle is pretested, certified and comes with a warranty for a minimum of 1 year.

Replacement Of Hardware

In case of Hardware damage, the dongle is easily replaceable, whereas if the 4G module is damaged, the entire logger has to be replaced.


Thus, we can say that the Dongle or a LAN connection is best suitable for providing internet to ETi-LOG IIOT datalogger.

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