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Data Acquisition from Solar plants by ETi-SOL® - IoT Scada

SCADA- “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”, literally speaking is a platform to control, monitor and acquire data. while control and monitoring really happens on an application layer, the data acquisition happens on the physical layer. In layman terms, the SCADA solution providers must get their hands dirty and work on the field to provide a comfortable remote monitoring and control.

An end-to-end solution should be able to cover all aspects of data monitoring. ETi-SOL® is one such end-to-end solution.

Data acquisition is a meticulous task. There are several variants that needs to be considered and worked through to present the data in a sensible manner. Top of the list are the type of protocol, network, data and architecture.

Sewing these variants through the above-mentioned variants, here is the information on the bandwidth ETi-SOL® covers for data acquisition.

Modbus data

Be it Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP, our handheld in-house gateway, ETi-LOG, has plug-and-play ports for both. While it supports readily the two wire RS-485 system, it can also support the RS-232 with a little converter in between the field end device and ETi-LOG. In accordance with the theoretical Modbus protocol, ETi-LOG can support up to 32 Modbus end devices on the data link / daisy-chained network.

Wireless RF Modbus RTU Data

If you are worried about the mess the wired chain does for you, we have a solution for that too. We go wireless! With the Radiofrequency (RF) technology, our in-house developed gateway can be fit right next to the end Modbus RTU device. This gateway relays all the data to our in-house developed master gateway at the Main control room via RF. No long cables are required at all.

Retrofit Third-party data

Already invested in hardware for your plant? Or planning to scale your existing SCADA network? No worries. ETi-SOL® is compatible with most of the leading gateways in the market. Not only that. We can also get and post data from another machine-to-machine interface like File transfer protocol (FTP), Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), and even Rest-API’s.

Owing to its modular design, ETi-SOL® can integrate the data provided by third-party hardware/platform on the application layer and provide insightful data without any design or structural trade-offs.

Input-output - Analog, Digital signals

ETi-SOL® not only works with standard “digital data”, but also leverages and works with Analog or digital signals. When said as Input signal analog or digital, it can be the temperature from the transformer or the Irradiation from the weather sensor, or any status of a breaker. It works with it all.

ETi-SOL® can also control the status of breakers and similar devices via output digital signals.

With just a converter between the digital Modbus RTU data and the Input-output signal, ETi-SOL® can both monitor and control the end devices with the aforesaid signal types.

ETi-SOL® Edge

While all the above said SCADA architecture, requires a fixed investment and regular maintenance costs, ETi-SOL® edge requires little to zero maintenance! ETi-SOL® Edge is new age lightweight IoT SCADA developed by EnerMAN Technologies. It requires just one ETi-LOG and computer in the Plant and no Internet required. All the necessary packages are installed in the Linux-based machine at the Plant and the ETi-SOL® Edge is good to go.

Overall, be it Modbus, wired, wireless, analog, digital, retrofit, or one computer. ETi-SOL® is a solution that is compatible with all the case scenarios on the field. Enerman with its informed knowledge on operational aspects of a solar plant, and a commissioning legacy of 1.1GW+ plants in less than three years, is a true end-to-end solution provider. To talk to us on this please write to

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