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Use Of Latest Technologies like Big Data Analytics, ML, AI in Solar Industry.

Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword in today’s Market. In 2012, data science was considered the most attractive job of the 21st Century. Analytics/AI/ML is used to interpret the past data, optimize the current data, and predict future consequences.

The Energy sector is growing at a rapid speed and heavily depends on optimization and prediction of energy production and as a result, Industry produces huge amounts of the question of data.

Now the Question comes, what to do with these data?

To turn these Raw data into meaningful insights such as improvement in Energy Generation, Overall Productivity, and to optimize Operation cost, many Players in the energy industry have started using Analytics and Other Latest Technologies like ML/AI.

Some of the Major Advantages of Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

a) Predictive/Breakdown Maintenance: Analyse the performance of various electronic equipment present at a site and predict its performance and its health over the period. It also predicts if there is any possibility of Breakdown.

b) Asset Management/Maintenance: Improved Operation and Maintenance of Complete asset, Workflow, and Portfolio Management.

c) Forecasting and Scheduling: Using Advanced Analytics, Forecasting of Energy generation can be done based on the past and current performance of Solar Plant. And using Artificial Intelligence, the Inverters in the Solar Plant can be controlled, and the curtailment process can be automated.

Some of the Additional Benefits AI/ML and Advanced Analytics:

a) Weather Condition Prediction using Historical Data

b) Reduction in Operation & Maintenance Cost especially the SCADA cost as IoT is much cheaper than primitive PLC Technology

c) Delighted Customer Experience as a lot of flexibility in customization is possible

EnerMAN’s ETi-SOL 5.0 is one such Monitoring Solution that uses these latest Technologies and helps its clients to Monitor and Maintains its Solar Assets effectively and efficiently. Currently, EnerMAN is providing its service all over India and monitoring around 1GW of Solar Plant. EnerMAN is reported as one of India’s Top 10 Solar Analytics Company in 2020. Source: Solar Quarter

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