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EnerMAN Technologies – Your One Stop Solution For Solar PV Asset Management

“With Solar industry expanding its horizon across the globe, management and monitoring of the solar plants are the need of the hour. The more we know, the better equipped we are”

In this digital age, groceries to banking goes on in the internet. Then why not monitoring? Why set up large rooms with multiple displays and dedicated personnel when one can monitor and manage the solar plants, just about anywhere.

With the same idea in mind and vast experience of operation and maintenance catering 2GW plants around the world, EnerMAN Technologies has channeled its expertise to provide management and monitoring solutions to the solar power plants.

EnerMAN offers cloud-based remote monitoring solutions with real-time analytics. One can maximize solar PV asset performance to derive higher profits and lower carbon emissions. 

EnerMAN provides a wide range of solar PV monitoring and control management solutions to fit one’s requirements.

Setting up a new power plant, and want to maximise yields with just one screen and one personnel? We are there. Our ETi-SOL provides just that. 

Are there multiple plants in diverse locations and wanting that big picture to maximize the profit? Thanks to our ETi-CONNECT that helps you connect multiple plants with different SCADA systems. 

Do not have that space/personnel to set up a renewable operation centre? Our ETi-SAM and the mobile app ET-SPIDAR will be your great assistants.

Wanting to upgrade the monitoring system, but already got existing local SCADA / PLC in place? Thanks to EnerMAN that provides Retrofit solutions. We integrate existing set up and convert it to precise information, notification, and alert driven solution with just a few clicks.

EnerMAN products are highly compatible with Modbus RTU, TCP/IP, DI/DO protocols. We also provide indigenous compact SCADA Hardware ETi-LOG- wired and wireless, for smooth and hassle-free monitoring. Got a plant that does not have high-speed internet? No worries, our solutions work on 2G! Data is instantly pushed to the server over a 2G connection. No need for high-speed internet lease lines. With low annual Maintenance charge and reduced downtime and instant alerts, EnerMAN is the choice to maximize your yield and derive that profit.


An IoT based platform to collect data from a plant and monitor.

One can monitor the data collected from various sensors in the PV plant with ET-iSOL. one can watch the plant generation and performance metrics in a snap, get alerts and notifications. ETi-SOL provides Geotagging that helps locating and fast identification of faulty SCB’s in larger power plants reducing down-time and thereby minimizing generation loss. With a user-friendly dashboard and alert page, the productivity of the plant can be maintained high always. 


An IoT based platform to monitor multiple solar plants in diverse locations.

Using this unified platform, one can slice and dice the data, and get insights on plant performance. It helps compare the performance of PV plants located in different regions and even the ones that are not equipped with weather monitoring sensors. One can generate reports from any timeframe, get live data in the graphical view or tabular view and generate a comparison between any no. of parameters of all plants. Also equipped with calculated analytics, and monitoring multiple parameters at the same time, providing alerts that make the job of an engineer hassle-free.


ETi-SAM is a compact one-desk solution for the solar PV asset.

ETi-SAM is the renewable operation centre on your fingertip. No need to set up a large monitoring room with multiple displays. Simply log in and get information about your solar PV plant asset on the go. All devices can be monitored for healthiness. 

ETi-SAM not only keeps track of daily solar asset health management activities but also slices the data to provide meaningful insights. It takes data from both asset maintenance and asset management to provide insightful information to enhance profits and lower carbon footprints.


ETi-SPIDAR is a mobile application for the operation and maintenance of the PV plants.

SPIDAR is an acronym for “Solar Plant Intelligent Data Acquisition & Reporting”

ETi-spidar app helps the field personnel capturing operation and get data from the plants. One can get reports on daily generation, manual activities like module cleaning and schedule maintenance checklist.

ET-spidar not only schedules present maintenance activities but also stores all the old records on a cloud to give weekly, monthly and yearly reports. 

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