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PV Monitoring Solution

A framework and effective implementation from > 2.5 GW of O&M experience is adopted to construct the Remote monitoring product ETi-SOL®. It has been developed to Suppress recurring Technical issues witnessed at Solar PV plant with Customized features at an affordable price.



Products & Offerings

Is a cloud based, IoT Solar PV Monitoring platform to monitor and control PV plants Remotely and Improve the performance of your Solar Asset.

  • Centralized monitoring platform -Integrate multiple SCADA into a single dashboard.

  • Real-time data acquisition & control.

  • Device Agnostic Platform

  • User Customizable Dashboards & Reports

  • AI & ML driven Advanced Analytics.

  • Compatible protocols -Modbus TCP/RTU, RF(Wireless) LoRa (Wireless), OPC UA, FTP, API

  • Assured data security through User authorization, Authentication, Data Encryption, SSL certificates, Firewall …etc.

  • Robust alert mechanism (In-App notification/Email / SMS)

  • Works with Low Bandwidth GSM/Wi-Fi

  • Interfaces with third-party SCADA

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