PV Monitoring Solution

A framework and effective implementation from > 1GW of O&M experience is adopted to construct the Remote monitoring product ET-SOL™. It has been developed to Suppress recurring Technical issues witnessed at Solar PV plant with Customized features at Affordable price.



ET-SOL™ can use the existing hardware to the maximum extent of Non-Functional SCADA present in the PV plant and monitor remotely and locally as well.


ET-SOL™ comes with a minimal annual maintenance cost. Which is considered to be lowest in the solar market.

Forecasting & Scheduling

ET-SOL™ is single platform for SCADA and forecasting as there is a demand from state and central government organization to produce the forecasted generation data.


ET-SOL™ gives you an edge over data collection by assimilating the features by analyzing the collected data to optimize the generation to the rated capacity.

Why ET-SOL™?





Works on 2G Internet

  • No need of high-speed internet lease lines

  • Data is instantly pushed to SCADA server over 2G connection

Monitor on-the-go

  • Monitor plant with the mobile app

  • Receive alerts on mobile in case of faults and failures

Cost Effective

  • RF based wireless system eliminates the need of cluttered and expensive cables

  • Low Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

  • Reduced downtime with instant alerts

Highly Compatible

  • Compatible with Modbus - RTU, Modbus - TCP/IP, DI/DO protocols

  • Compatible with Android/iOS

Reliable Hardware

  • Indigenous SCADA hardware for a smooth and hassle-free monitoring

  • RF-based Mesh Network

  • 8/16/24 channel SCB with String monitoring  unit (SMU)