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Smart ENERGY MONITORING Solutions for your SOLAR PV Assets

The way a spark can trigger wildfire that can destroy a forest, the way an invisible virus started from a live market at a remote place in one corner of the world can impact the entire globe, small negligence from personnel at your Solar PV plant or a small manufacturing defect in equipment installed can destroy your Solar PV Asset!

Monitoring the energy generated, regular maintenance of equipment like Inverter, Transformer, Switchyards are done by any technician of your operation & maintenance team.

You need a remote monitoring SCADA system to find the anomalies, that are not evident, that are not visible by the OMS team at site.

EnerMAN’s low-cost monitoring solution offers 2 products to manage your PV asset

ET-SOL uses the ETi-Log IoT controller to collect the data from Solar PV plants and pushes to cloud server. You can see your plant data remotely anytime – anywhere!

ET-CONNECT has the capability to collect data from any 3rd party SCADA and provide you a single-window login, with which you can manage all your assets in one go!

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