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From your field to your Hand!

Real-time data of your Solar plant at your fingertips...

Living in the 21st century, we are dependent on electronic gadgets and electrical appliances like never before, but all our gadgets need energy, don't they?

Not everyone thinks about the source of the energy they use, people just assume that we have enough and continue to use it until its gone. Presently we have many sources of energy, but the only one that lasts until the sun burns bright is Solar energy. Wikipedia says India's solar installed capacity has reached 34.404 GW as of 29 February 2020. Indeed, it's a proud accomplishment, but not many Solar plant owners are aware of their plant’s generation on a day to day basis.

And now our IoT platform-based solution makes life simpler & easier. Just like how you use WhatsApp, Facebook, or watch YouTube, you can now monitor and keep track of the energy generated in your field, from home.


To fetch data from the field, we have an in-house developed Intelligent IoT data logger (ETi-LOG).

This device can be installed in your inverter rooms. It is small, compact, and easy to mount. Our installation team will install it in a couple of hours.

All we need is the datasheets of your devices and your devices must support either TCP or Modbus RTU communication.

ET-SOL SCADA & How it works?

SCADA stands for Supervisory control and data acquisition.

As the name says, after configuration of the device with details from your plant, the device starts collecting real-time data from your inverters, String Combiner Boxes (SCBs), Weather station, Multi-Function Meters (MFMs) and other devices on your plant. This data will be sent to our cloud server where it will be processed and made presentable. This data can be monitored and alerts can be configured according to your requirement.

Access the data from anywhere...Anytime….

You will be given a login id and password, through which you can log in to our website where Real-time data from your plant will be shown on Graphs, Pie Charts, blocks, and tables.

you can access your plant data at string level granularity with real-time analysis. And it also allows the user to download the same in multiple formats like .csv, .pdf, .xlsx etc..

If you have multiple plants, you can view data of all your plants on one screen, with important details from the respective plants, you can just select the plant whose details you wish to see by just clicking on the name from the list of plants or by selecting a plant from the map

Our App

Our solution is not limited to PC/Laptop, you can also view data of your plant and access all the features mentioned above, by just installing our app from the Google play store.

Apart from all of the above features, we also add/customize features according to your requirement, we also have a helpline number to assist you at all times and from our new app, you can raise a ticket about a particular issue, which will be resolved by our service team in No time.

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