PV Monitoring Solution

A framework and effective implementation from > 1GW of O&M experience is adopted to construct the Remote monitoring product ET-SOL™. It has been developed to Suppress recurring Technical issues witnessed at Solar PV plant with Customized features at Affordable price.

Why ET-SOL™?



ET-SOL™ can use the existing hardware to the maximum extent of Non-Functional SCADA present in the PV plant and monitor remotely and locally as well.


ET-SOL™ comes with a minimal annual maintenance cost. Which is considered to be lowest in the solar market.

Forecasting & Scheduling

ET-SOL™ is single platform for SCADA and forecasting as there is a demand from state and central government organization to produce the forecasted generation data.


ET-SOL™ gives you an edge over data collection by assimilating the features by analyzing the collected data to optimize the generation to the rated capacity.




Get assess to ET-SOL™'s unmatched single dashboard for real-time performance viewing of multiple plants, providing the live status of all the equipment of plants in different geographies.


ET-SOL™ enables you to monitor your PV plant in a single frame view, with components status and live data and enabling the quick fix for non- functioning of any equipment.


ET-SOL™ helps to compare the performance of solar PV plants located in the same region and also for plants that are not equipped with weather monitoring sensors.


In larger Solar power plants, it is difficult to locate faulty SCB in view of vast geographical spread. EagleSun’s Geo-tagging feature of identifying the faulty SCB on a map helps in faster identification leading to reduced  time for attending to the fault and in turn minimizing the generation loss.



Works on 2G Internet

  • No need of high-speed internet lease lines

  • Data is instantly pushed to SCADA server over 2G connection

Monitor on-the-go

  • Monitor plant with the mobile app

  • Receive alerts on mobile in case of faults and failures

Cost Effective

  • RF based wireless system eliminates the need of cluttered and expensive cables

  • Low Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

  • Reduced downtime with instant alerts

Highly Compatible

  • Compatible with Modbus - RTU, Modbus - TCP/IP, DI/DO protocols

  • Compatible with Android/iOS

Reliable Hardware

  • Indigenous SCADA hardware for a smooth and hassle-free monitoring

  • RF-based Mesh Network

  • 8/16/24 channel SCB with String monitoring  unit (SMU)